How To Get A High Score

Getting a high score on Flappy Bird can be very hard!

You can get high scores if you try.

You can get high scores if you try.


To get a high score on Flappy Bird, follow the 5 AMAZING tips below:


1. Learn to relax. This game is incredibly buggy and annoying. Often you’ll fail even when you don’t actually touch a pipe. This is because the game doesn’t work very well. Accept it. Embrace it. Life is confusing.

2. Really, learn to relax. Like most arcade games Flappy Bird is easier if you clear your mind, don’t think too hard and try to go with the flow. If you can play with your mind totally relaxed, you;ll do better.

3. Try to keep your finger nimble. Light taps, quick fingers, fast movements are the key.

4. Take off any case or screen cover on your phone. This ensures the screen is as sensitive as possible.

5. Use a big screen. The iPhone has a small screen and your finger covers up more of the screen compared to a big phone or tablet.


I hope this helps!



  1. You’re basically saying the same thing over and over…

    1. Relax
    2. Make sure you are relaxed
    3. Keep calm and let the game do it’s own thing
    4. The app is sensitive, relax
    5. Use a big screen you have a big thumb, and make sure you relax :)

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